Wireless and IoT hardware costs are among the most significant expenses of any large organization. Investing heavily without proper systems to track and control allocation, assignment, changes, storage and re-distribution creates excessive waste.

Businesses need to know where their wireless and IoT investment is going and have certainty about the management of their devices. Most organizations that have asset tracking systems use technology designed for other purposes and retrofit wireless and IoT into them. However, these systems can't tell the whole story about devices that are data connected and are therefore limited in their reporting capabilities.

A typical asset management system is unaware of the subscription associated with a device and unable to determine whether the device is active and working. This presents a significant challenge when considering re-deploying a device into the field or moving a device from one user to another. Device re-usability enables organizations to save significant hardware purchase expense by identifying devices anywhere within the organization that are in good working order but are not currently deployed or are sitting idle with employees.

Simplify Wireless delivers a complete end-to-end approach to hardware management that lowers overall hardware expense by as much as 30% through proper device tracking, and automated processes for repair, recycling and re-distribution

Hardware Expense Management

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Simplify Wireless provides a no-cost evaluation of your current wireless process to help you determine your estimated annual device savings.