Accidents happen, and devices get old. That doesn't mean the value of these devices is gone. Most organizations don't employ a cost effective strategy to repair and reuse devices and do not securely dispose of unused/unwanted devices and recoup the remaining value of the equipment.

Every company and government agency has a bunch of old devices sitting around in drawers or in boxes in closets collecting dust. The older these devices get, the less they are worth. Maximizing the value of older or broken devices help drive down hardware costs by ensuring that devices stay deployed and last as long as possible or their remaining value is recovered quickly before it is gone.

Simplify Wireless integrates the repair and recycling process directly into your workflow and works with repair and recycling service providers to manages the process and ensure that repairs are properly documented and executed putting salvageable devices are back in circulation quickly. When devices have seen their day, we ensure that they are securely wiped, and any remaining value is recognized before it's too late

Simplify Wireless delivers a complete end-to-end approach to hardware management that lowers overall hardware expense by as much as 30% through proper device tracking, and automated processes for repair, recycling and re-distribution

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Simplify Wireless provides a no-cost evaluation of your current wireless process to help you determine your estimated annual device savings.

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