9 Steps To Help You Prepare For Employee Turnover And Manage Your Wireless Fleet

A common occurrence that no one likes to talk about is employee attrition. In every enterprise one of the most dreaded situations is the resignation of experienced talent, and the steps that should be taken before havoc is allowed to reign.

Not only are there employee goodbyes and emotions running high, but the prospect of hiring new team members and making sure you have all you need to move forward, often translates to wireless fleet management oversight during employee exits, and high CAPEX costs.

The best advice we can give you and live by is: be systemic, use a checklist, and if your fleet size warrants a system like ours: then let us automate the process.

If you do not have a system like Simplify Wireless and have hundreds of devices and subscriptions, we have seen the pain-points of manual processes and the drawbacks of DIY solutions, we encourage you to book your Simplify Wireless demo. If you do not feel you can benefit from automation just yet, make sure to use the downloadable checklist we created as a jump-off point (link at the bottom of the article). It might save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Remember, too often the conversational/implied data sources we consider as sources of truth are simply ad hoc, a product of a past conversation, or our own in-the-moment whim about what we should look for. Trust your data and pre-planned processes and allow them to guide your actions.

Using a checklist (ours or your own) will not only reduce the risks of overlooking a key element of turnover at your organization and device mismanagement, it will make your (wireless coordinator’s) job EASIER!

This downloadable checklist will get your coordinators & managers started, over time as you build your wireless assets and the associated management bandwidth, it will save you time and costs to automate this process through a platform like ours.

Many of the items listed are things you WOULD typically think of, but in our experience, they often get missed when emotions and stress runs high. Use the checklist, make it a requirement in your organization.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin

9 steps to help you prepare for employee-device relationship termination:

Step 1

Notify IT of the imminent exit, and gather all necessary data that you need to provide to IT, based on their internal retrieval processes’.

Step 2

Conduct an exit IT interview as soon as you are aware of the exit date. These interviews are not only beneficial for your HR department, they are imperative in terms of speaking directly to the employee about any accounts they use (for daily/annual operations), devices they have borrowed, and outstanding access requests submitted. This is also an opportunity to catch any inconsistencies between your records and the employees.

Step 3

  • Have a list of the following ready for you and your employee to edit and add to:

  • Daily use devices

  • Borrowed devices (not in office)

  • Accounts used, and access rights

  • BYOD devices

  • SIM cards to be returned (if BYOD is in place)

  • Contact form for IT should devices need to be retrieved after exit date

  • Calendar of surrender date(s) [see point 2)]

Step 4

Create a schedule when devices need to be turned-in, prior to the employees final day at your company. Creating a schedule will allow you to take stock of each asset, and navigate any inconsistencies.

Step 5

If your company has a BYOD policy, lean on the rules and regulations and communicate this to the employee. Are there SIM cards you need to retrieve? What will the exit look like in terms of access to the existing cell phone plan? Will there be a data wipe?

Step 6

Once devices are turned in, systematically deactivate the required access privileges and wipe the device.

Step 7

Have a sign-off form for the actions that are taken, signed by you and the employee. This way if there is any confusion on who was given what device, you can lean on the documentation you have on file, with sign-off dates and signatures.

Step 8

If the device is in good working order and can be re-used within the organization, place it in your pool of assets and notify parties that have been waiting for the new allocation bandwidth.

Step 9

Complete the checklist for every person, and save it for future use.

BONUS: Start this process for every employee before they are ready to leave. It’s much easier to take account of your assets and data if you have everything documented and managed internally, and adds to transparency and trust.

Just remember - we all make errors, that is the nature of human cognition. Track, manage, and automate as many of your processes as much as possible.

If manual processes such as the ones above are not your cup of tea, book a demo with us to show you how managing employee attrition and device subscription relationships side-by-side, can be done seamlessly and automatically via Simplify Wireless. Book a demo today.

Click the link below to download a workbook/checklist to manage your wireless fleet and employee relationships.

Download PDF


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