Desk Swivel a Pain in the Neck? Quit Switching Portals and Begin Saving Today

Managing a wireless fleet is an in-depth task requiring a great deal of planning, tracking, and attention to detail. It’s a full-time job in itself, but many organizations fail to assign a single individual to wireless operations management, instead doling out responsibilities across multiple individuals as a portion of their existing roles. With information about the fleet of wireless devices spread across multiple departments, vendors, and portals, the constant desk swivel takes its toll on staff with wireless operations as part of their lengthy job descriptions.

For many staff charged with wireless operations, the everyday work of managing the provisioning, tracking and changes across a fleet of wireless devices requires skillful navigation. Jumping from Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools, carrier change management portals, internal procurement approvals and internal ticking systems, is the day-to-day reality of your wireless coordinators.

Having an in-depth understanding of the existing wireless fleet, including devices, contracts, carriers, warranties, repairs, and invoices, is the only way to keep costs manageable and maximize value within your wireless program. Without a centralized platform providing visibility on the program as a whole, wireless or IT admin staff will continue to contend with inefficient “desk-swivelling” in an effort to manage the wireless fleet.

The Simple Way to End Desk Swivel Simplify Wireless delivers a comprehensive platform that presents all the information about your wireless fleet in one central location. It combines multiple portals into one, allowing the user to manage vendor communication, inventory queues, invoicing, carrier contracts, workflow, and controls. Here’s how:

Business Automation Simplify Wireless manages and automates the wireless process from purchase request to cancellation. Our platform manages communication with the MDM, eliminating all manual follow-up during onboarding or change requests.

Centralized Workflow and Controls Administrators can easily see every device, user, and subscription, and all related purchases, changes, and history in one view, making it easy to make more accurate plans and avoid costly errors.

Inventory Visibility Effective inventory management enables simple reassignment and storage, stretching the average device lifespan by as much as 50%.

Expense Reconciliation All carrier billing data is automatically imported into the system, with every subscription mapped to appropriate cost codes during procurement, as well as during changes. It’s easy to generate summarized or detailed spending and usage reports when it’s time to reconcile.

Advanced Expense Controls Workflow approvers are provided with greater visibility, enabling them to see the entire history of a device, user, or subscription, while aligning with unused inventory across multiple locations.

Control the Entire Purchase Process Simplify Wireless is integrated with the wireless carrier, MDM, and fulfilment partners. This means that staff never need to go outside of the system to generate a purchase for new devices, make subscription changes, or upgrade hardware. Once a request is made, it is automatically routed through the specified workflow.

Centralize, Don’t Swivel

To learn more about how Simplify Wireless can help your organization eliminate desk swivel, contact us today for a complimentary evaluation.


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