Communication with vendors can be difficult. Each vendor has a different system and keeping up to date with pricing, process and approvals is a big challenge. Eliminating the need to communicate with vendors directly or through external systems for purchases and support has a big impact on accuracy, time and training for wireless managers. Implementing a fully integrated purchasing and communications process enables vendors to reduce costs while giving the organization the ability to negotiate better pricing and rates.

Large organizations employ internal purchasing and approval systems that govern their procurement process. These systems work well for traditional purchases that don't involve additional complexities such as service plans, data connections, and MDM setup. Elaborate hardware pricing that can vary based on contract terms and optional wireless features add further challenges.

As a result purchasers are tasked with managing complicated processes for wireless and IoT and require additional know how for price gathering and purchase entry into third party systems or must work through emails and phone calls compounding the time and expense to procure wireless and IoT devices.

Simplify Wireless automates vendor communications. Catalog and real-time pricing information is displayed while building purchase orders. Automating the purchase process removes more than 90% of the work that wireless administrators are required to do today to place orders from wireless and IoT vendors.

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Simplify Wireless provides a no-cost evaluation of your current wireless process to help you determine your estimated annual device savings.

Integrated Vendor Procurement