Wireless Digital Transformation with

 Chris Crawford

chris crawford.png

Chris is on a mission: eliminate desk swivel in business wireless systems and support wireless management transformation - benefiting every stakeholder ... and with Simplify Wireless, he's making good on his promises. 


Chris helped architect Simplify Wireless to glue disparate business systems and processes together, in order to drive the waste out of the business wireless process.


With over 20 years of experience in the telecom industry (managing and architecting solutions), and a passion for wireless management transformation, a chat with Chris is more than just an educational expereince: it helps you situate your system and see what's possible and how to get there. 

Here is what you can expect from your call with Chris:

  1. Chris will map your processes and help you find the desk swivel sinks that cost your business thousands of productive employee hours. 

  2. Chris will show you how you can update your system to support a new level of service, and finally have oversight over the total cost of wireless asset ownership.

  3. A great conversation about wireless asset management and the need for KPIs and true and clean data.