The telecom & wireless management ecosystem is confusing. It houses incumbents who have created systems to squeeze carrier bills to show savings, largely manned by teams of account managers that call your carrier and run queries on your airtime & data bills.


Some of these TEM providers do basic inventory management, but they do not operate the ecosystem in a holistic cradle to grave fashion.

Simplify Wireless was created to relentlessly focus on efficiency and automation by offering our clients results that include: lowered CAPEX, increased wireless & IoT ROI, and an adaptable platform for all your needs - now and future.


Simplify Wireless is not TEM software. We are unique in that we are the only wireless and IoT management system that automates and encompasses the whole procurement and management process: from the vendor to device, and from your coordinators to finance and IT - we handle and automate each step. We can even pull in your existing TEM providers, and start to find efficiencies that encompass the whole system, minus the human handle time that drives TEM solutions. 


It's almost unfair to show you the differences in capabilities ...