The wireless ecosystem is fragmented, systems don't connect and this lack of connection leads to wasted time and excess resources. Simplify Wireless glues disparate business systems and processes together to drive the waste out of the business wireless process in a unique way that is advantageous to all stakeholders.

Wireless carriers, mobile device management providers, hardware vendors, telecom expense management solutions and wireless consultants each share one common thing: the customer. Yet each of these services operates in its own silo. The nature of the relationship between these businesses make it nearly impossible for them to be collaborative when servicing the wireless and IoT customer. This has a damaging effect on each of these businesses and ultimately the wireless customer because they do not share data and operate using a unified process.

The Business Challenge Facing the Industry


The entire wireless process is too expensive, it needs to be automated to eliminate waste and drive out unnecessary expense. The only way to do that is to share data and create a standardized set of workflow processes. The savings opportunity gained by automation and uniting systems together isn't being addressed by individual process stakeholders (ie carriers or MDM providers) as they have neither the global process understanding nor the short-term business case to make an investment that benefits other stakeholders while introducing high capital outlay and risk. They each focus on their own challenges in a vacuum.

Ultimately this leaves the Enterprise customer in a difficult position trying to come up with makeshift processes in an attempt to reduce costs and gain control over their chaotic wireless and IoT landscape. In doing so, each business customer designs their own fragmented and unique business process and then put the onus back on the individual wireless stakeholders to support their process. This creates waste for each stakeholder having to design business processes to meet the needs of large enterprises and governments who get frustrated with their suppliers as costs balloon. The only place where they can seek savings in on the wireless bill and that has a negative cascading effect on the entire ecosystem.

The Solution: In-The-Middle Technology (ITMT)


An ITMT solution is one where the system sits neutrally between all stakeholders involved in supporting business processes. The technology provides a central system of record and the workflow and automation to ensure that each stakeholder is engaged when the time is right and with all the information necessary to support their process. ITMT solutions can be integrated into existing business systems or can operate stand-alone while continuing to provide cost-saving value and process automation without requiring change or investment.

The Simplify Wireless Opportunity


Simplify Wireless is an ITMT solution that sits on the cloud. It eliminates waste and drives down the overall cost of operating a wireless and IoT landscape for businesses and governments. It has successfully driven down the average cost per subscription by over $16/month. Simplify Wireless fees generally amount to only between 10% to 25% of the overall cost savings.

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Simplify Wireless provides a no-cost evaluation of your current wireless process to help you determine your estimated annual device savings.

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