Wireless and IoT is complicated to manage even for the most seasoned wireless administrator. Having a centralized system where administrators can view wireless and data subscriptions and keep track of devices and user assignments is essential to maintaining a functioning wireless fleet. However, the art of keeping everything together, handling all of the various requests, knowing which vendor to communicate with or what internal resource handles the approval or management of a device is incredibly difficult.

This is where workflow automation shines. Properly run organizations create centralized policies that apply across the entire organization and pre-define how every aspet of the process is executed ensuring that only the right people are involved at the right time for the specific need.

Building a complete wireless policy is not difficult, but enforcing the policy is impossible without a centralized system that every stakeholder interacts with. One system of governance is required whether the change is requested by employees, management or administrators, everyone uses the same process and all information is captured correctly and disseminated to the appropriate approver, vendor, internal IT resource or employee when they need to execute their part of the workflow.

Simplify Wireless provides organizations with the system and processes to properly govern the wireless policy and automatically manages the execution of every requirement necessary to maintain a wireless and IoT fleet. Make no mistake, if you don't have a proper process today, you need one.

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Simplify Wireless provides a no-cost evaluation of your current wireless process to help you determine your estimated annual device savings.

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