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SimplifyWireless gives our channel partners a clear path forward to enhance service reporting while consolidating the systems and people used to manage the business wireless process. Wholesale licencing packages are available to channel partners who manage business enterprise customers. From time to time, our customers want a fully managed environment. Our channel partners receive referrals to participate in our professional services network that leverages the SimplifyWireless platform. If you are interested in becoming a channel partner, please reach out to us using the form below.

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SimplifyWireless is a win-win for our channel partners and their customers


Business customers have a choice of many types of device and expense management organizations to help solve their wireless challenges. These organizations often overlap in the services they provide, making it much more difficult for the business wireless customer to choose what is best for them. SimplifyWireless hopes to change this by offering a unified provisioning and tracking system we can all use to stay organized.

Wireless Carriers

The customer base for a typical mobility operator tends to have one to five subscriptions. As such, the tools they provide their customers to make purchases and changes cater to this demographic. Only about 10% to 20% of their customer base are business customers. The tools they provide to their business customers do not entirely address the complexities present in a business mobility environment. Wireless carriers use SimplifyWireless to bridge this gap by providing services the business wireless customer needs to stay organized and on top of their mobility fleet.

Wireless Telcom Dealers

Over the years, telco dealers have experienced a sharp decrease in sales margins while having to provide more support services to their large mobility customers. SimplifyWireless was designed with this dealer process in mind to enhance and upsell additional support services by providing MMS services as a part of their offering. Dealers use SimplifyWireless to offer enhanced service levels and provide inventory tracking for their customers. SimplifyWireless is commonly used to differentiate its services from other dealers that support the very same wireless provider.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Technology

Since the dawn of the Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) in the early 2000s, MDM technology has become a staple in device application and security management for large mobility fleets. There are now several different types of MDM technologies in the market to manage a wide variety of mobile devices. Even the manufacturers are beginning to provide MDM services such as Samsung Knox and Apple DEP. MDM is wonderful at managing what happens on the device, but cannot address all the device activity like procurement, carrier change, inventory management, and billing processes. MDM technology companies leverage SimplifyWireless and our lifecycle management capabilities to provide value-added services to their customers.

Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

A TEM provider’s first impression of SimplifyWireless is that we are their competition. This could not be further from the truth. SimplifyWireless is a technology management platform used by anyone that needs to manage a mobility fleet, including TEM providers. Our robust platform consolidates the multiple systems TEM providers leverage today and streamlines the time it takes to manage and report their customer services. TEM customers still want that high-touch support. With SimplifyWireless, TEM providers leverage our platform to manage all the processes and inventory with their wireless providers and dealers. Just like the business wireless customers that use SimplifyWireless, so too does the TEM provider receive the benefits of using a consolidated MMS platform.

Mobility Managed Service (MMS)

There will always be a need for some wireless customers to out-source the programming and distribution of wireless devices. This is where MMS services come into play. While TEM providers focus on the expense, MMS providers focus on the physical work of kitting and programming the devices required to support a large mobility fleet. SimplifyWireless is an MMS platform that can be used by any service provider to maintain and track inventory within each wireless customer. This enhances the customer experience by leveraging a solution that is compatible with wireless carrier and dealer processes.

IT Managed Services

It has become more prevalent in business enterprise that IT-managed service companies have “inherited” the mobility process in their much broader enterprise support contracts. These organizations attempt to “shoe-horn” the mobility ecosystem into their existing ITSM platform. They quickly discover it’s quite complicated to manage all the dependencies that exist in the dynamic wireless ecosystem. SimplifyWireless bridges this gap for IT-managed service providers and their rigid ITSM applications.

Device and IoT Manufacturers

Device manufacturers that supply the wireless carriers count on the wireless carrier to manage their business customers’ needs and rarely develop tools to help their customers stay organized. IoT manufacturers that directly supply business wireless customers will only provide solutions to manage the function of the device. Business wireless customers are still left to find tools to provision their devices with their carrier or a way to track the inventory of hundreds or thousands of devices. SimplifyWireless is a value-added platform that keeps customers organized and well supported as they purchase hundreds or thousands of devices.

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