How we make wireless management simple


Simplify Wireless eliminates device underutilization and desk swivel processes, and automates your company's workflows by centralizing and integrating all your wireless carriers, vendors, MDM, TEM, and in-house IT systems.

Save time and operational costs

Manage a diverse wireless portfolio with one interface 

Simplify Wireless reduces the number of management systems, and combines e-procurement, wireless asset management, telecom expense management, subscriber management and monthly subscription billing.

The behind the scenes magic happens by incorporating all the stakeholders within your wireless process - and managing these automatically for you. With Simplify Wireless your 10+ step workflow to update an asset,  is consolidated into 1 step.  


Imagine a system that allows your wireless administrators to manage inventory, request changes and updates, monitor device-use, flag any security issues, and control their own process to better suit your needs. Then within the same system, pull-out items for review or approval for relevant stakeholders.  


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Reduce CAPEX by 33%*

Implement seamless inventory management - easily

Simplify Wireless provides a clear snapshot and report of current mobile inventory - and helps support your overall management system.

Having all data centralized facilitates the management of your entire wireless inventory, in-house and with efficiency.


Wireless inventory can be especially tricky to maintain; often, departments “go rogue” in managing wireless elements as team members come and go within the organization.


Now you know exactly who has what asset. Which asset can be re-deployed, needs to be retired, upgraded, re-assigned, or flagged for security. 



*Dependent on deployment, speak to your Simplify Wireless Manager.

How we give you back control of your wireless and IoT operations

Stop wasting time with admin tasks.

Automate & increase transparency.

With Simplify Wireless no additional hardware is needed. You don't have to waste time procuring and installing IT infrastructure and VPN access across multiple sites, and once running - your data is secured.

Your wireless information is organized and accessible, which makes process transparency a positive by-product of implementation.

Your wireless administrator can now drill down to see individual and device spend in minute detail, like by domestic charges, data use, long distance, text messages, roaming et cetera – for each device in the fleet. This creates not only efficiency, but transparency between all the stakeholders (including the end-user). 

If your current wireless management process relies on manual processes like calls to your carrier and tracking data in a spreadsheet file, it is time to do better.

If you are ready for an efficient and optimized wireless management system, book your no obligation demo today.


transparency in operations



Simplify Wireless is a great tool for our organisation. It meets all the needs for our organisation from a to z namely ordering, configuration, monthly invoices, inventory history, reporting etc. Lastly but not the least, they have a great support team which is very important to take full advantage of the system. I would definitely recommend to have this tool.”


— Mamta C. TTC

We Go Beyond Telecom Expense Management, and Demonstrate Higher ROI

Enterprise Mobility & IoT Management

- Simplified - 

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