Reporting organized the way it should be

We capture key performance metrics in three critical categories

SimplifyWireless provides a closed-loop mobility governance model for wireless ecosystems. The platform contains all the mobility data because it manages the changes, inventory, and billing. Each month, SimplifyWireless takes this data and calculates hundreds of key performance indicators and displays it in an easy-to-read analytical interface called Scorecard. This interface is deployed to the admins and department leads who need to monitor wireless expenses. Far from the dump of billing data you are accustomed to, Scorecard contains valuable analytics you can use to make smart cost containment decisions.

Our 3 Pillars of Reporting


Automatically provides usage reports to all levels of the organization each month

Device Inventory

Promotes accountability to the technology that is deployed to your employees

Process Control

Reports the true cost of supporting the wireless services agreement with your mobility provider

Deploy Scorecard to anyone in the organization

SimplifyWireless has taken wireless reporting one step further. Our objective is to ensure clients have visibility into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for all wireless expenditures. The KPIs provide an accurate and concise methodology for overall mobility administration and to ensure our clients can effectively measure progress against wireless and overall business objectives. To this end, SimplifyWireless includes a monthly Scorecard as a fundamental piece of reporting capability. Scorecard is ideal for decision makers who do not necessarily have an intimate knowledge of the wireless process and its complexity, while allowing them to make informed decisions that directly impact the bottom line.

Set targets to hundreds of KPIs

Tracking KPIs in the wireless space involves more than just recognizing you have hundreds of bills from a carrier and need to drive down the dollar cost of each bill. SimplifyWireless is the first of its kind to deliver a closed-loop governance model which administrators and decision makers of all levels can use to drive down technology costs. Our KPIs have been developed over years of testing and trial, and are based on industry best practices specific to the wireless and carrier industry.

Promote cost containment to the employees

It’s estimated that you can reduce your mobility bill by 10% to 15% just by distributing the bill to the employees. SimplifyWireless allows you to automatically send individual bills to each employee every month. This simple act of sharing the bill with employees does wonders in economizing on mobility usage behaviour. Even if you have no policy around overage, employees are now aware of their impact on the organization’s bottom line.

Take your mobility reporting to the next level

All it takes is your mobility bill to get started